Tape out on Dead Broke! Free download on IYMI! 7″ Coming soon!

Ok so more news in the land of crow dads…

1) The “Three Tickle Guys” EP is out on Cassette Tape via Dead Broke Rekerds. Buy that shit and get with the old times: www.deadbrokerecords.com

2) “Three Tickle Guys” is now on IF YOU MAKE IT for free download as well. Share it, download it, thanks: http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/album/crow-bait/three-tickle-guys/

3) “T.T.G.” is also being released on 7″ vinyl cooperatively by 6 labels world-wide. Check them all out here: A.D.D. RECORDS / DIRT CULT / SOLIDARITY / LOST CAT / EAGER BEAVER (Japan) / DRUNKEN SAILOR (Europe).